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Deep Learning Study Group Update

By Dillon Cortez - April 03, 2018

The course has been going well, there are definitely a lot of smart people attending. We've gone over all the basics, covered LSTM's and Convolutional networks and even had a computer generate text that looks like handwriting, using a generative adversarial network. We've moved pretty fast and having everyone come each week has been great because we're able to talk through the difficult parts and everyone seems to be on the same level. 

Due to the fact that we are actually building things together, the people in the class who have been coming have been able to gain skills that are few and far between just because it's still so young. Needless to say I'm incredibly happy with how the group has turned out. Everyone seems to be growing at a good pace and the discussions we have are not something that you can easily find. Hopefully the next group will be as excited and engaged as this one. ;)


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